Hi, I'm Christine, the new(ish) owner of The Lady Next Door. I've been coming to this shop since I was in high school,  spending hours in the back trying on the vintage clothing and bonding with Sandy, the original owner, over our mutual affinity for beaded flapper dresses, theatre, and long and winding conversation. The Lady Next Door was a magical place, and one that I would return to over the years whenever I was home from Chicago or NYC to visit family. It has always been a place that could transport me, provide me with an escape, and now– a decade and a half later– I can call it my own. I bought The Lady Next Door with all its years of inventory (and 100+ years of dust) in June of 2020, and am honored to be carrying the torch. I've always been a lover of old things, but maybe more than the perfect fit or one-of-a-kind piece, it's the stories of the people that live on in these items. Stuff is never just stuff. It's the language of our memories, and I believe in preserving, cherishing, and sharing them with you. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me, Sandy, and the store. Come visit me!

The Original Lady Next Door

Sandy Nathanson first opened The Lady Next Door in 1982, following a long and illustrious career in set decoration and prop styling for theatre, TV and film. Operating out of a historic 1850s storefront at 196 Water St in Warren, RI, Sandy lovingly and expertly curated a singular collection of antiques, vintage clothing, millinery, jewelry, and collectibles that would earn her and the store a permanent place in the memories of all who visited. Sandy handed over the store to Christine at the beginning of the pandemic, and passed away at the end of that same year. Her legacy, taste and style live on in the shop, and in all of the special objects that passed through her hands throughout the years. If you knew Sandy, well, lucky you :)