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1940s Hmong Indigo Dyed Pleated Wrap Skirt XS- M

1940s Hmong Indigo Dyed Pleated Wrap Skirt XS- M

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Incredible piece of Hmong heritage! Indigo-dyed pleated hemp circle skirt with intricate hand done embroidery. Traditional wrap around skirt with tie closure. The Hmong are a sub-ethnic group of the Miao people who originated in Central China. The reside today mostly in China, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. I believe this particular example came from the Sapa district of northern Vietnam. The batik prints and fabric used indicate a 1940s/50s time period. Really incredible, a rare collector's piece. Very sturdy (and heavy!)-- could be worn or displayed as a piece of textile art.


fits XS–M

due to wrap skirt would best fit up to 32" waist

34" length

Condition: Excellent. Stitching is sturdy and colors are vibrant. No holes or marks

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