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Victorian Floral Micro Beaded Fringe Purse

Victorian Floral Micro Beaded Fringe Purse

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Lovely Victorian-era seed bead purse with a floral motif, two-tone beaded fringe, and a detailed gold frame with enamel flowers, turquoise beads and inset gemstones. Silk lining, while starting to tear, features tiny silk rosettes along border and inside pocket. 

Body of bag measures 8 1/2" x 6", fringe adds another 2". Twisted gold chain strap is 17" total length. 

Condition: Very good. Exterior beading and fringe are in great shape with little bead loss– minor pulling of threads and a small bald spot where bag meets the frame. Interior silk lining is starting to shred, but bag is 100% usable and sturdy without silk lining. 

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